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At Homestead, we recognize that no two learners are the same, and we embrace learner variability.  Our K-8 Independent Study school captures the flexibility of home school and combines it with the expertise of credentialed teachers and the rigor of high quality curricula. We offer the guidance, direction, and accountability of online schools and add to it the personal connections of in-person learning with peers and one-on-one regular sessions with teachers. We partner with parents to provide flexible learning opportunities on-site and at home. 

Homestead distinctives:

  • Flexibility of homeschool

  • Expertise of credentialed teachers

  • High quality curricula

  • Weekly in-person enrichment opportunities

  • Dual enrollment available at VUSD middle schools for a blend of Independent Study and in-person learning in grades 6-8



Teachers meet weekly in-person with each student and parent(s) to:

  • review work (students submit a minimum of 15 hours/week in kindergarten, 20 hours each week for grades 1-8)
  • assess individual needs, progress and goals
  • help the student with assignments
  • discuss upcoming classes and events

Students attend daily virtual class meetings each morning to connect with their teacher and classmates, ask pressing questions, and receive additional guidance as needed with assignments and learning activities (Zoom meetings vary in length by grade level from 15 min. to 1  hour).

Students work at home independently on assignments, projects, and learning activities on a flexible timeline each week suited to the families needs and schedule.  Parents guide their children's daily learning and provide structure, accountability, and support as needed for each child's age and developmental needs.



Each Tuesday and Thursday Homestead students are invited to attend enrichment classes and activities on campus that include academic instruction, science and engineering, tutoring and support, art, cooking, music, gardening and more.